Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is a picture of a plant climbing up a corn crib.. i changed the colors on this picture


this is a picture of a butterfly.. which is an animal.  i used the boost tool, focus B*W, sharpened the picture, and also used the lomo tool


this is a picture of a purple flower.. i changed the colors a little bit, used the B&W Focus color on it and softened the picture also.


This picture represents yellow.. cause the flower is yellow. i changed the colors and sharpened it.


i chose this picture for pink because the flowers pink. the tools i used on it was i just changed the colors, and sharpened the picture.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


this is a picture of my boyfriends jordan eye.. he wasnt very cooperative.. haha. kinda creepy.
i used the lomo button and boost button


this is a picture of an ipod...an ipod can hold a ton of music! i changed the colors and exposure and contrast a ton


i got this from my boyfriend Jordan for valentines day among a bunch of other things.. what a cutie
i used rounded edges and changed the colors


i chose this for breakfast because you can have grapes for breakfast and their healthy for you
i changed the colors and brightened the picture


no this is not weed..hahahaha. its common cooking spices that i threw together.
i used the lomo feature for this one


haha this is my friend blade. cutie huh... i used text and changed the colors a little bit


i chose this for underneath because we never know whats underneath our water in the river
i brightened the contrast and exposure a lot




this is my mom. i love her to death and she does everything for me and i dont know what i would do without her! i changed the colors a bit on this picture and used the lomo-ish effect


i chose this for macro because a spider is tiny. i just changed the colors a bit on this picture.


this is a picture of my brothers first deer. it just goes to show he could be a little kinder to them..
i used the BW button with a color focus


this is a picture of my papa. i love him very much he is a hardworking guy! i changed the colors but also used the sepia feature and boost.


i picked this picture for body part because it shows my brother showing off his arms.. changed the color and thats it

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i chose this picture for after because my friend kelly.. AFTER we got to Dunkerton for our softball tourney she realized she brought two cleats of the same foot. haha dang it..
i used the sharpen button and the black and white and faded it a little bit.


i chose this picture for laughter because everytime i look at it i cant help but laugh.  this is my friend ben and it was at state football and we were lost. haha. the clip in the hair gets me every time.
i used the boost feature and changed the colors.


this picture is of my friends deena, lauren, and holly.  they went on that huge swing at valley fair.
i used the lomo-ish button, the boost, and i changed the colors a bit.


i chose this picture for family because it shows that i have another family in rock rapids.  dalton, karissa, and their friend.  im very close with them.
i just changed the color and saturation.


i chose this picture for fools because it shows my friends tara and beau kissing mr mcdonald. thats kinda foolish. haha.
i used the softening feature and boost feature.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


These are old tools that were in the slaves' kitchen at mount vernon.

i used sepia, and the soften button.


This is Mount Vernon, George Washingtons home

i used the text tool, the old cinema style button, and holga-ish.


This is a picture of the slaves kitchen in George Washingtons Mount Vernon.

i just changed the colors around a bit.


i chose this for memory because WW2 is a memory to some.  it reminds us that there are cruel people out there in the world and we wont ever forget what happened.

i used the orton-ish button and i changed the colors.  Also i used the rounded edges button


I chose this for faith because when your flying you gotta have faith that you wont have a ton of problems, like go down or have a ton of turbulence.

i changed the colors on the contrast and exposure and then i softened the picture.


i chose this because it is the capitol building and plenty of people come here to work and do their job.

i used matte, and sepia.


i chose this for smiles because, well, they are extremely happy to be wearing my makeup that i put on them for kicks and giggles. :)
i used the black and white button and text.


this is artwork.  in the builders eyes it is their own personal artwork. its what they created and made real.

i used the boost button and the vignette button.


this is what i saw from the top of the St. Louis arch.  a ton of people and it fits the category gathering perfectly.

i used the lomo button, and cross process one.


i chose this for time because back in the old days with the indians this is how they dressed.  i got to see this on a mission trip with my church.  he told us all about their way of life and showed us a dance.

i used the matte button and just enhanced the colors.


This is what i chose for excitement because it is the famous St. Louis Arch.  I got to go up to the top of it and it was really nerve racking but exciting at the same time.
All i did for this picture was change the contrast and exposure of colors.


I chose this picture because my family and i went through something new my sophomore year.  My sister Angela had an accident and left her a part quadriplegic.  Going to Craig Hospital in Denver was something new.
I do all of my pictures on Picnik and i just used the boost button and put text on it.