Sunday, May 15, 2011

the last six.

7/chain.. this is a bracelet i got for christmas from my aunt. it has a beautiful chain on it. i changed the colors and then used the soften effect too.

8/retro.. i wore this for retro day during homecoming this year. its pink tights and a blue zebra ish skirt. i changed the colors and then used the boost button and the soften feature.

6/glamorous.. this is a picture of my prom dress from this year.  its glamorous because its very formal and pretty. i used the matte button, the boost button, and changed the colors a bit. 

36/ball... these are pool balls.  i used the black and white feature and then boosted the picture to make it look darker.

i used picnik for all of these photos.  i dont have the last two pictures, #14 and #17.