Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 more pictures.

This is a bridge out on a gravel road... i used picnik for all of these pictures. for this picture i used the sepia, sharpened it, and used the HDR-ish.

This is a picture of a creek.. its dividing the land in half.  I changed the colors a little bit, used the lomo feature, and the boost feature.

this is a picture of a type of hook farmers use.. well almost anyone does.  i used the duo-tone feature, and sharpened it.


This is a picture of a building with this pattern on it.. i used the B&W tool with the marker on it.. and i also changed the colors.

I chose this for heaping because the vine is taking over the entire building!! theres a heaping abundance of it. i used the sharpen tool, brightened the colors, and then used the boost tool.

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