Wednesday, April 27, 2011

**9 picturesss.

#34..Candy-- i chose this for candy because for easter all you get is candy..yum. i used picnik for all of these pictures to edit them and for this picture i cropped it, then changed the saturation and colors and applied the soften feature.

#40..Brush- This is a cooking brush used to scrape the grill. i sharpened the picture, rotated it, and used the black and white feature and then boosted the colors.

#39--Tiny.. this is a picture of a miniature globe.. its so tiny i had to reallly look to see it.  i cropped the picture and sharpened it.  Changed the colors and then put the black bordering thing around it.

#16--Glory.. i chose this for glory because it shows all of the trophies you can receive for being good in a sport or something.. but i used the matte option because it shows that glory fades over time..

#25--Blue.. this is a picture of a blue bowl.. it obviously represents blue.. i used the black and white feature and then used the paintbrush option underneath it to show the blue bowl yet

#27..Greeen--this is a picture of a cactus.. its green so it obviously fits the category.. i changed the colors and sharpened the picture

#15--Caution.. This is a road closed signed indicating that the road is NOT good to travel on and that it is closed.. so it cautions anyone who tries to go down it. I changed the colors a bit and then used the lomo-ish feature on it

#38--Water.. this is a picture of water from the rainfall last week on the side of the road... i changed the colors and then boosted them to make it really stand out.

#29--Curtain.. this is a picture of my moms curtains in our upstairs living room.  She loves these kind of curtains.. i rotated the picture so its slightly off center and then i did a soften focus on it.

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